Here’s Another Hormone To Strengthen Your Immune System: Thymosin Beta 4

thymosin beta 4

Learn about another peptide that can help boost your immune system. Introducing the Thymosin Beta 4. Let’s get to learn more about it today. 

What Is Thymosin Beta 4?

Thymosin is known to be a hormone that is secreted from the Thymus. This hormone’s primary function is to stimulate the production of T cells, which are a vital part in the immune system.

Thymosin also assists your body in developing B cells to plasma cells to produce antibodies. The predominant form of Thymosin, the Thymosin Beta 4, is referred to be a member of a highly conserved family of actin monomer-sequester proteins.

In addition to the Thymosin Beta 4’s role in acting as a significant actin-sequestering molecule, it also plays an important role in tissue repair

Content & Potency

The Thymosin Beta 4 is available in a 3,000 mcg/mL subcutaneous injection provided in a 5mL vial.

Suggested Dosage

The suggested dosage for Thymosin Beta 4 is to inject 0.25mL subcutaneously daily for 20 days.

Clinical Research On Thymosin Beta 4


The cDNA clone encoding human Thymosin Beta 4 was isolated from a cDNA library prepared from peripheral blood leukocytes of a patient with acute lymphocytic leukemia. 

This clone contained the entire coding sequence of 43 amino acid residues of thymosin beta 4. It also had the initiation codon and two termination codons.

The amino acid and the nucleotide sequences in the coding region were conserved between rat and human. Then, nine of the 132 nucleotides were different in the coding sequence having a 93% homology.

But, the deduced amino acid sequences were identical to each other. There was no signal peptide found in the deduced protein sequence. 

The human thymosin beta 4 mRNA, approximately 830 nucleotides in length, was about 30 nucleotides larger than the rat thymosin-beta 4 mRNA. The expression of the human thymosin beta 4 gene in various primary myeloid and lymphoid malignant cells and a few human hematopoietic cell lines were also studied.

The Northern blot analysis of different neoplastic B lymphocytes has revealed that state levels of thymosin beta 4 varied as a function of different stages.

Thymosin beta 4 mRNA was more highly expressed in mature granulocytes than in immature blastic cells.

The THP-1 cells’ treatment, a human monocytic cell line with recombinant human interferon-lambda, reduced the levels of thymosin beta 4 mRNA.

Its level has decreased after the differentiation of THP-1 cells into la+ macrophages and increased after the differentiation of HL-60 cells into la-macrophages.

The pattern of thymosin-beta 4 gene expression has suggested that it may play a fundamental role in hosting your body’s defense mechanism.

How Can Thymosin Beta 4 Relate To You?

The Thymosin Beta 4 is often used by people to recover from injuries. Athletes can also use it to speed healing, especially when they have a game soon.

This can also enhance muscle growth, tone, and stamina. Although, this peptide has numerous benefits, which ranges from muscle development, and improvement of connective tissues to improve flexibility. It also prevents the formation of fibrous band formation in body tissues.

Thymosin Beta 4 can also be used for treatment in the following:


Effective in treating inflammatory conditions, the Thymosin Beta 4 can act on inflamed tissues and help improve mobility by minimizing joint inflammation.

Blood Clots

Thymosin Beta 4 has also been found to be effective at treating blood clots and promoting the growth of new blood cells.

Soft Tissue Damage

Injuries in muscles, tendons, and ligaments are also more readily repaired with Thymosin Beta 4, which can also reduce scar tissue.

thymosin beta 4 molecule


Thymosin Beta 4 can also help treat conditions like autoimmune diseases and infections. It can also treat Lyme diseases and other traumatic brain injuries.

Muscular Health

This peptide can also improve the rate of muscle repair and growth. It can even control muscle spasms too.

Cardiovascular Or Neurological Damage


The Thymosin Beta B peptide has also been found to promote new blood vessel formation in the body. It also offers neuron formation and improved axonal density on the brain. 

Other benefits of this product include:

  • Calming of muscle spasms
  • Improving muscle tone
  • Increasing the exchange of substances between cells
  • Encourages tissue repair
  • Maintaining flexibility
  • Reducing inflammation of tissue in joints
  • Promotes the growth of new blood cells in tissues
  • Increases the body’s endurance and strength
  • Prevents the formation of adhesions and fibrous bands in muscles, tendons, and ligaments

Side Effects Of Beta 4 

The common side effects of Thymosin Beta 4 are experiencing reddening, pain, and even discomfort on the injection site, most notably when larger needles are used.

In others, this peptide can cause tiredness or even lethargy. Also, a headache or head rush can also occur, especially for those experiencing this injection for the first time. 


The Bottom line

Overall, Thymosin Beta 4 is an active peptide to help boost the immune system and strengthen the body’s muscles, tissues, and defense mechanism.

Although, we recommend that you consult your healthcare providers first before you take this to avoid any complication to your possible existing medications.


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