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Vitality Sciences Membership has Its Rewards

When you join our vita-Club, you are immediately emerged into an ecosystem running off of health and wellness. The vita-Club provides patients with wellness unlike any other. Joining our vita-Club membership not only saves you money monthly on additional products and services at Vitality Sciences but most importantly provides your body optimal health it deserves. The vita-Club membership program includes two IV infusions of your choice along with two vita-Booster shots of your choice during the months that you are enrolled. The vita-Club membership at Vitality Sciences is the perfect investment towards enhancing personal health, keeping your body nurtured, hydrated and feeling full of VITALITY!

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What Does vita-Club Membership Include?

IV Therapy

You get 2 vita IV Therapy Infusions of your choice per month.

vita-Booster Shots

You get 2 vita-Booster shots of your choice per month.

VIP Discounts

Membership has its rewards! Get special pricing on all our services.


Our IV Therapy program is second to none. At Vitality Sciences, we do not take this stuff lightly. With over 10 years in the Anti-aging industry, we knew that when we set out to create an IV Therapy division, we wanted it to be the best. That being said, even with our experience, we set out to visit over 10 local IV Therapy businesses in the Palm Beach area. What we found is that a lot of these locations are poorly ran and even violate some safety standards. At Vitality Sciences you can rest assured that your IV Therapy vitamin infusion treatments are made fresh, on the spot and contain only the most vital ingredients into making you feel like the best version of yourself. Furthermore, all of our treatment options contain vitamins and minerals as opposed to just strictly saline solutions. While those my help with hydration, they are by no means worth the price of admission without being combined with the critical vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

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Enhance your IV Therapy infusions with our state-of-the-art micronutrient deficiency test. Those already enjoying the pleasures of our IV Vitamin Infusions will opt for the nutrient test because it is a no brainier! If generalized IV Therapy makes you feel this good, imagine what a treatment specially formulated specifically for your needs will do! Read more about our nutrient testing and how it ties into your Vita-Club Membership below.

FAQ’s About Our vita-Club Membership

Joining is easy!  You can call our office at (561) 767-8255 and one of our Client Liaisons will help you decide what kind of IV vita-Treatments and other products will be best for you.  Our plans are billed monthly, with a six-month minimum for the Membership Program.  Once you’re enrolled, come in at your conveniently scheduled time and get hydrated!  It’s THAT convenient!

All vita-Club Memberships are processed monthly to your authorized credit card on file.

We believe in flexibility, and while not every treatment is able to be combined with the vita-Club Membership program, we do offer some excellent options, as well as discounted rates if you’re looking for add-on services and treatments that are outside of your normal vita-Club Membership.

At Vitality Sciences, we don’t believe that hassles are good for your health.  That includes billing hassles.  If, for any reason you’d like to cancel your vita-Club Membership, you may do so at any time with written notification to:



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