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At Vitality Aesthetics, we believe you should feel and look young even as you age. To that end, we offer exosome facials in Palm Beach Gardens. These facials harness the power of human DNA to rejuvenate your skin for a smoother, healthier, and more radiant appearance. 

Exosome facials are rising in popularity among dermatologists and patients because they’re safe, effective, easy to administer, and continuously improve your skin over time. This cosmetic treatment uses an exosome-rich serum to erase fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. It also reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces the appearance of large pores, and takes your skin from dull to dewy.

Our Vitality Aesthetics medical professionals are trained and certified in administering exosome facials, ensuring that—when you choose us—you choose the highest quality cosmetic care. We’re here to help you revitalize your features so you can face the world with confidence.

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HYDRAFACIAL, like many other microdermabrasion procedures, can significantly improve the appearance of acne. Acne is essentially a reaction to clogged pores, whether it’s due to dead skin cells, excess sebum, or ingrown hairs. HYDRAFACIAL thoroughly removes these pore-clogging particulates, and with the help of the serums used in the procedure, the skin can remain healthy and clean.

HYDRAFACIAL is meant to be less harsh than chemical peels and traditional microdermabrasion, but some caution should be taken for those with extremely sensitive skin. Some of the ingredients in HYDRAFACIAL, particularly the serums that are infused into the skin, may cause an allergic reaction or general irritation. It is important to have a full understanding of your potential allergies and sensitivities before pursuing a HYDRAFACIAL.

HYDRAFACIAL treatments are brief procedures, with most of them taking less than an hour to complete. The average amount of time it takes to finish a HYDRAFACIAL treatment is about 30 minutes, allowing most people to come into an office for treatment and go about their normal activities within the same day,

If you’re seeking a HYDRAFACIAL while pregnant, it’s best to consult with a doctor before scheduling any appointments. Some reviews have found that many cosmetic procedures are safe to complete while pregnant, and the minimally invasive nature of HYDRAFACIAL makes it a safe candidate, but there are not enough clinical studies to approach any cosmetic treatment with certainty during this stage.

HYDRAFACIAL is a safe and effective cosmetic treatment for those looking to rejuvenate their skin. They are also brief, affordable, and natural, and they may be repeated to ensure lasting results. It’s also suitable for all skin types, allowing just about anyone to refine their skin and take control of their appearance.



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