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At Vitality Sciences, our partnership with Ortho Molecular Products allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality nutraceutical solutions that address nutritional pharmacological therapies in the most comprehensive, transformative way.  Ortho Molecular Products is proud of its 30 years of dedication to the highest quality in its industry, setting the standard for high-efficacy and working only with healthcare professionals that are client-focused and healthcare-driven. We’re grateful to offer this fantastic line of beneficial nutraceuticals to our clients, and we look forward to helping you achieve your greatest health goals!

Atlanta Nutraceutical Program

At Vitality Sciences we believe in health from the inside out. We offer a complete line of medical grade nutraceutical supplements for our clients that address the following areas:

• Foundational Health
• Cardiovascular Health
• Blood Sugar (Insulin Resistance/Metabolic Syndrome/Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes)
• Gut Health
• Men’s Health
• Women’s Health
• Athlete’s Health

Some Nutraceuticals FAQs

The term “nutraceutical” is a blend of two words: Nutritional and Pharmaceutical.  The word was invented by Dr. Stephen DeFelice in 1989.  Dr. DeFelice, a former NIH fellow in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic disease, and the former chief of clinical pharmacology at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center in New York City, is the founder and chairman of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine.

Not only are our nutraceuticals highly effective, but they’re safe as well.

Unfortunately, most of the vitamins and supplements found at drugstores, supermarkets, and online retailers are either beyond their shelf-lives, low in quality, or ineffective.  This is why Vitality Science Solutions has created a partnered with Ortho Molecular Products to ensure that our patients are receiving products from only the best, well-respected nutraceutical manufacturers globally.

Absolutely!  Our partnership with Ortho Molecular Products goes beyond just standard supplements.  We offer the most cutting-edge, clean proteins on the market.  For instance, our MitoCORE Protein Powder is especially formulated for immune health and essential daily nutrition.

Is your gastrointestinal system more sensitive than normal?  Our InflammaCORE is specifically formulated to address immune challenges, maintain normal inflammatory balance and strengthen gastrointestinal barrier function.

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Yes, and we LOVE it!  Our Ortho Molecular Products “Deeper Greens” Dietary Supplement is available in either a capsule OR a powder form to ensure you get all of the recommended daily fruit and vegetable nutrients!  This blend of organic fruits, grasses, extracts, and vegetables can be used either as a standalone beverage mixed in with juice or water, or used in your favorite smoothie for an added phytonutrient boost!

One of the best parts of the Vitality Sciences-Ortho Molecular Products partnership is the RESULTS our clients experience. They LOVE how they look, and they LOVE how they feel!

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